Roti Canai Stall @ Transfer Road, Penang

As most of the coffee shops and road side hawkers were closed due to water stoppage, we have little choice but to settle for our breakfast at this row of dingy looking roadside stalls. Wild thoughts were running wondering where they get their water supply from!! We were really hungry and thought, die, die la, eat first and worry later coz not only us will suffer but we’ll have companies to join us if things go wrong as the crowd was really huge! Two told me this is a popular joint for “roti canai”. Well, we’ll see to that!

The sight of this place really leaves one ponder of how the level of cleanliness is practice here. “kwai loh’s” will shake their head if they see eateries like this!

Hot Milo @ RM 1.30 ~ Ok and can’t go wrong can it? Not overly sweet and served hot. An 8/10!

Iced Milo @ RM 1.80 ~ Passed! An 8/10!

Teh Tarik @ RM 1.00 ~ Hot but not enough “tarik” and super sweet! A 3/10!

Roti Bakar Special @ RM 2.50 ~ Special..?? Nothing that special except having the half boiled egg cracked on top of the toast, tats all! Perfectly boiled eggs and won’t mind trying since I love them! A favorite at this joint  I heard! An 8/10!

Mutton Curry @ RM 3.80 ~ Wifey gave me the look when this plate of mutton curry were placed in front of her! Maybe this differs from those we usually had back in KL in terms of color and also the taste. She didn’t enjoy it a bit. I tried and found the meat to be pretty tender and the curry somehow different. Passable but nothing to shout about! A 5/10!

Roti Canai @ RM 0.70  ~ Crispy and hot but overly burnt! Won’t mind taking it once in a while. Good with the mutton curry! A 5/10!

Stalls selling roti bakar, roti canai and drinks all setup side by side with each other. Seriously, this place needs immediate attention, especially when hygiene is concerned!

Regardless of the environment, hygiene level and all the flying particles whenever a vehicles passes by, people from all walks of life still throng this 70 years old place in groups! Honestly, I don’t find it exceptionally special with the food they offer. Let’s hope all of us are well after this “lovely” meal! We are keeping our fingers crossed!

  • Roti Canai Stall @ Transfer Road, Penang
  • Business Hours – 0600-1900 (Mon-Sats) / 0600-1300 (Suns)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N05′ 25.249 E100′ 19.833
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