Xuan Xin Restaurant (炫昇港式小厨) @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Whenever the name Penang is mentioned, street food is the 1st thing that always come to mind. They are ever so available, cheap, delicious and choices are plentiful! Amazing!

Well, once in a while we have to sacrifice the good stuffs especially when we have younger ones traveling with us, like today. I wanted my “char koay teow” but wifey insist that we have a proper meal since it’s near dinner time, at least for the kids. With a “hidden” sigh, I relented, so, here we are ended up at this ok looking restaurant in Gurney Plaza.

Interior was comfortable, with a few different sections to choose from. We opted for the banquette seats next to the man-made pond which oversees the G-Hotel’s pool. View was good. Let’s move on to the menu now.

How do I read this word? Can someone out there enlighten me please??

The A’la Carte, Hi Tea & Dim Sum menu for different time of the day. Good varieties and everything seemed delicious! Can I have everything? Well, I may if I have the belly of “Jabba The Hut”!!

Deep Fried Potato Chips @ RM 2.00 ~ We have this returned as we felt it’ll spoil our appetite, or maybe we are “kiamsiap” and not willing to foot out the RM 2.00?? It’s the former of course!

Soya Bean, Tea & Coffee of your choice when you order the set meal.

BBQ Pork Bun (叉烧包) @ RM 4.00 ~ Unimpressive skin, but the bbq stuffing was good and bun was fluffy. Good! An 8/10!

Steamed Shanghai Dumplings (上海小隴包) @ RM 7.80 ~ Not bad for taste and reasonably priced except the soup was too little for satisfaction. A 7/10!

Soup Udon In Japanese Style (清湯日本烏冬面) @ RM 8.80 ~T’s udon looked more like “maggi” mee to me but the texture of it was springy and offers good mouth feel. The soup is good too! An 8/10!

Braised Roasted Pork with Spicy Chili (燜辣椒燒肉套餐) (Menu D) @ RM 11.80 ~ Roast pork was good with its succulent meat and crispy skin. Chili padi and the delicious gravy made me wanting for more! An 8/10!

Fried Rice with Roasted Pork (燒肉炒飯) (Menu C) @ RM 9.80 ~ E’s fried rice looked absolutely normal but tasted real good with the enough “wok hei” imparted in it! A 9/10!

Sauteed Chicken with Basil Leaf (羅勒葉炒雞肉套餐) (Menu D) @ RM 11.80 ~ Knowing that wifey is not that satisfied with just 2 BBQ pork bun, I suggested she order another set meal with the assurance that I’ll help her finish in case she can’t. I ended up taking just 2 spoonful coz I was filled to the brim! This dish was quite alright too! A 7/10!

Overall, we were satisfied with the good food and the varieties they offered. Well recommended and definitely worth a visit! Besides this outlet, they do have another 2 more outlets offering steamboat and ramen. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to check them out in my next visit!

  • Xuan Xin Restaurant (炫昇港式小厨)
  • 170-03-86, Plaza Gurney
  • Persiaran Gurney
  • 10250 Penang
  • Tel – 604-229 7882
  • Mobile – 6012-433 6883 (Vincent) 6012-472-7183 (Kelly)
  • Business Hours – 1030-2200 (daily) Set Menu – 1430-1730
  • Website – xuanxinrestaurant.com
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N05′ 26.240 E100′ 18.607
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