Cristang Restaurant @ 8 Avenue, Petaling Jaya

I’m turning a year older and wifey knew I’m a meat person, hence, she arranged to have a nice dinner with me at this place called Cristang. How thoughtful, my dear! This place is quite hidden and might require sometime to locate it if you are not familiar with this area. No worries as I have the GPS coordinates provided!

Cristang is owned by Gerald G. Oei and he’s definitely a Christian judging by the cross hung at the entrance of the outlet. Interior wise, it’s simple, cozy and very woody!

Fresh Tomato Soup @ RM 9.80 ~ Fresh tomatoes with garlic, Holland onions, basil & oregano dressed with garlic croutons & fresh bacon bits. I liked it! An 8/10!

Fresh Mushroom Soup @ RM 9.80 ~ T&E’s favourite comes prepared with fresh mushrooms sautéed with garlic, Holland onions, stock and cream. Garlic croutons and fresh bacon bits served as toppings! They finished every drop of it! An 8/10!

Garlic Bread @ RM 6.80 ~ The kids enjoyed the garlic bread so much that we’ve to order an additional plate for them. Crispy and tasted very “garlic-ky’!! An 8/10!

Grilled Bacon Steak @ RM 38.00 ~ We ordered this for T & E to share and this dish is served with their signature Dijon mustard cream sauce, sautéed vegetables & orgasmic mashed potatoes. Tasted nice but pretty salty and the meat was rather tough! For that, it gets only a 5/10!

Grilled Lamb Chop @ RM 24.80 ~ Wifey’s order is prepared using lamb shoulder seasoned with rosemary, some special mixed spices and their homemade mint sauce. Fresh sautéed vegetables and orgasmic mashed potatoes comes along. Taste wise was fine but Tough was the word! Only a 5/10!

P3 Pork Burger @ RM 16.80 ~ Finally, the birthday boy’s yummy yum-yum burger served! This homemade pork patty made fresh and grilled with back bacon when ordered! It comes with some wedges, sliced tomatoes, cheese, sliced gherkins and the tasty minced pork chili con carne. First bite was superb but became saltier as the remaining bites followed. The poor bun was totally crumpled and the patty fell off  even before I have the chance to finish half of this burger! A 5/10!

Homemade Oreos Cookies & Cream Ice Cream @ RM “On The House” ~ Instead of bringing a birthday cake and singing it aloud in front of everyone, wifey chose this as it’s a fresh idea plus we get to try their dessert too!  The ice cream is soft and fine, definitely homemade but not the Oreos! (candle not provided, BYO) The taste of peppermint liquor is obvious in this lovely plate of ice-cream. This came as a treat from Gerald for my birthday! Thx man! An 8/10!

Fresh Lemonade @ RM 6.80 ~Very good thirst quencher especially after all the salty stuffs! Refreshing! A 10/10!

This lovely meal came to RM 131.78 inclusive of a 10% service charge which is fine with us as all their waiters are generally very friendly. Aside from western, this place also serves Portuguese cuisines. Cool eh? Choices are aplenty, just like the burgers which easily comes up to 10 different types. They even have a petai (Parkia speciosa) version!! Overall, the food is rather salty for us. Will come back, but to try the Portuguese dishes instead!

  • Cristang Restaurant
  • Unit B-19, 8 Avenue
  • Jalan Sungi Jernih (8/1)
  • Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
  • Tel – 603-7956 7877
  • Mobile – 012-226 2698 (Gerald)
  • Email –
  • Business Hours – 1100-1500/1730-2300 (Tues-Sun) 2230 (Last order)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 06.059 E101′ 38.362
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