One Chef @ Berjaya Time Square, Jalan Imbi

As we were walking around Berjaya Times Square looking for a place for lunch, we accidentally come across this newly setup restaurant which is tucked in a far corner on the lower ground floor in the complex.

The setup of this outlet is pretty unique as the have some swing-like seats. I tried seated on one but the moving seat makes me groggy! I guess I’m too old for it. It’s cater for young lovey-dovey couples and that I’m pretty sure! 

Milo Dinasour @ RM 4.80 ~ Is this supposed to be spelt Dina or Dino? Anyway, nothing fancy, just normal except the name. Milo with spoons of Milo powder as topping. If it wasn’t for E’s insistent, I will never order it. Not that it’s not good but I guess I can make a similar one at home, at a much lower cost of course! An 8/10 for taste but only a 3/10 for value!

Explosive Kong Po Mini Shark @ RM 14.80 ~ I’ve never tried any shark meat before so I decided to give it a shot by gambling on this order. I was lucky as it turned out to be rather good. The Kong Po flavor blends well with the shark meat when it’s hot but as soon as the heat diminishes, I can taste the fishiness of it. Remember, eat while hot and don’t dawdle! This dish also come with a side dish a’la Taiwanese style (fried wonton, brinjal with spice meat & bean curd with sweet & sour sauce/changes daily),  plain white rice and bowl of least/none MSG soup. Not bad but I’ll try others next time. A 6/10!

Golden Sunrise Spare Ribs @ RM 14.80 ~ Wifey opted for this as this is one of it’s signature dish. It turned out real well as claimed, with it’s tenderness and succulent meat and a good coat of sweet and tasty sauce. Worth trying! A 9/10! 

Besides having the swing-like seats, the do have normals tables and banket seating, so, to those “old folks” out there, need not worry of feeling dazed after the meal ok! 

Besides this outlet, they do have another in Jaya One (Block D), so take note PJ folks! Totaled at RM 37.85 inclusive of a 5% service charge which is well worth! Service is commendable. I’ll come back to check out other dishes as they have many in the menu! 

  • One Chef
  • Lot. LG-51 & 53
  • Lower Ground Floor
  • Berjaya Times Square
  • 1, Jalan Imbi
  • 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 603-2141 1260
  • Business Hours – 1000-2200 (daily)
  • GPS Coordinates
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