Ro Rak Food Stall @ Ao Nang Maung, Krabi

Sawadee! We are on an early island hopping excursion today therefore we needed to wakey   earlier than usual and have our tummies filled before the trip. We headed down to the Aree Restaurant in the hotel and have our breakfast which comes as complimentary with our room reservation.

Aree Restaurant with friendly and warm waiters/waitresses. The only set back is their lack of communication skills in English.

Here’s what all of us had! Tummies filled and it’s time to enjoy the ride on the long tail boat!

We chartered this boat to ourselves for the island hopping and the weather was pretty bad initially but we managed to weather through the scary and bumpy storm without any bumps and bruises! Good experience for the kids and they really enjoyed it!

This lunch package came with the trip which consists of Thai chicken fried rice, a piece of fried chicken and 2 bottles of 1.5ml mineral water. The rice is sweet and sucks but the fried chicken was rather tasty even though it’s no longer hot. End up, 2 packets in our bellies and the remaining 2 packets went to the trash!

The splendid white sandy beach of the Hong Island where we had our enjoyble little picnic style lunch!

T&E just don’t seem to have enough of water soaking after the whole day and went straight to the hotel pool after the island hopping trip! We had the whole pool by ourselves! 

After all the good fun in the waters today, we were starved by dinner time. We went straight to the stretch along where the hawker stalls are as we wanted a taste of Thai street food.  We noticed these stalls on our first day here and decided to come here early where we can still eat in the daylight! Still wondering which stall to pick, we were soon captivated by the most aromatic smell coming from this particular stall. 

Mr. Ro Rak the stll owner preparing our order. Such and easy task for him which only took him less that 3 minutes to have our Tom Yam ready.

Tom Yam Seafood @ 60THB (RM 6.00) ~ Generous amount of prawns (6pcs), squids and mushrooms can be found in this super spicy bowl of Tom Yam! So tasty, we ordered a 2nd bowl! A 10/10!

As we can’t survive on just a bowl of Tom Yam alone, we placed our second order which was this plate of Thai fried rice. It took him just a short 3 minutes to have it served!  Just as fast as cooking an instant noodle!

Thai Fried Rice @ 40THB (RM 4.00) ~ Fragrantly fried rice Thai style came with chicken, kai lan & their must have in most cooking, the Basil leaf! A beaten egg is part of this plate of simple and yet yummy-licious fried rice. A 10/10!

Basil Chili Chicken Rice @ 40THB (RM 4.00) ~ After a few spoonful of the tasty fried rice, I was tempted to place another other which is this Basil Chili Chiken rice. I requested for extra spicy and ended up sweating till I was dripping wet!! Real hot! Tasty and definitely worth the heat!! A 10/10!

Our saviour ~ After all the super spicy food, we downed a cold bottle of mineral water (10THB) and a can of Coke (20THB) to put off the flame in our body! Luckily I didn’t experience any tummy upset after that! Phew!

Ro Rak & Chiew ~ The nice couple cum stall owner that cooked us our yummy-licious meal!

Overall, this simple and delicious meal costs us only a mere 230THB (RM23.00)!! I’m more than willing to pay more without any question based on the great food served at this simple cart! We concluded that this was by far the best meal we have throughout our stay in Krabi! 

  • Ro Rak Food Stall
  • (In front of McD)
  • Moo 2, Ao Nang Maung
  • Krabi, 81000 Thailand
  • Business Hours – 1300 – 2100 (daily)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N08′ 01.981  E098′ 49.549
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