De Hunan (湖南湘菜馆) Restaurant @ Kuchai Lama

Liew, my business associate cum good buddy is finally back from Melbourne after a month-long. He initiated to meet for lunch and suggested this restaurant as the meeting point. As a matter of fact, this is the very first time I step into a restaurant which specialised in Hunan delicacies. I can’t wait to check out their specialty, which is the spicy steamed fish head!

As we were quite early, there’s only a table occupied. The chilies displayed at the entrance spells “SPICY” but I’m all for it as I’m a HOT person!

Appetizer @ RM 3.50 per plate ~ Liew chose the lamb and the pickled seaweed as appetizer while waiting for our dishes to arrive. Both are a little spicy and is good to whet your appetite!

A good pot of hot Chinese Tie Kuan Yin (RM 4.00) is soothing especially after you have some spicy stuffs! It helps to nurture your numb lips too!

Stir-fry Chinese Broccoli (清炒启兰) @ RM 12.00 ~ Looked bland but tasty and crunchy! An 8/10!

This bowl of heavily stuffed plain white rice is (RM 1.00) helpful to fend off the spiciness of the fish head. I only managed to finish half a bowl! Such a small eater! 

Hot & Spicy Steamed Fish Head in Hunan Specialty Style (湖南特式麻辣蒸松鱼头) @ RM 38.00 ~ We opted for the Song fish head (松鱼头) which is regarded as the king of fish heads. Super hot with the generous amount of birdseye chilies and sliced ginger. I was sweating like there’s no tomorrow! The noodle that came along is supposed to be eaten after soaking into the spicy gravy! Nice dish but be careful with the bones from the fish head! A 9/10!

The bill came to RM 66.78 inclusive of 5% service charge (RM 3.18) and 2 wet towels (RM 1.20). Overall, we were pretty satisfied with the charges and our order, especially the super spicy fish head. I’ll definitely return with wifey to savour other specialties at this unique Hunan restaurant! 

  • Restoran De Hunan (湖南湘菜馆)
  • No.2, Jalan Kuchai Maju 6
  • Off, Jalan Kuchai Lama
  • 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 03-7987 9318
  • Business Hours – 1100-2300 (daily)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 05.331  E101′ 38.134

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