Nyonya Imperial Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

As I’d wanted to hand a little souvenir to Jamie as a “small” birthday gift which she celebrated the night before, we headed towards Puchong. Since we were in the vicinity, we drove to Bandar Puteri for brunch as the area is mushrooming with eateries. 
As we were cruising along, we chanced upon this striking red building that does not belong to AirAsia but to a restaurant named Nyonya Imperial.

The super red they used is really an eye catcher! Btw, this establishment shares the same owner as EasyPha-max direct selling company which is also as RED and located right opposite of this restaurant. Guess the boss must have cater this restaurant for his direct selling members!

The interior of this restaurant is tastefully done. Very comfortable and cozy!

1st floor/out door seating for smokers! This section was closed when I came. Guess no one in a right state of mind would wanna seat here in this super hot weather! It was 1200 then and I got a little sweaty after taking these photos! Imagine that!

Private room for 10. You may utilise this room if you spend more than RM 200.00! Guess I’d better sit downstairs!

VVIP room. As the name suggest, this room is only meant  for the BOSS of this restaurant and none else, regardless of how much you spent! Now, get out of here!!

The Menu ~ I was taken a back when I opened the menu. Why? The price?? Nope but the choice of dishes that they offered. For a second, wifey and I thought we stepped into a wrong restaurant!! Instead of finding the common nyonya dishes,  they offered things like prawn mee, curry laksa, char koay teow, wat tan hor, tom yam, fried rice….. wat?? fried rice??  Does this sound  nyonya to anyone?? Anybody?? Nyonya laksa and Itek Tim is not even on the menu!! Since we were hungry, we thought of just giving it a shot! Here’s what we ordered…

Chicken Lobak @ RM 6.90 ~ For appetizer we ordered this well marinated deep-fried chicken wrapped in bean curd skin. Tasty but would definitely taste better if pork was used instead of chicken as this is a HALAL restaurant!! A 6/10!

Kerabu Mango @ RM 5.90 ~ Another appetizer in the form of kerabu. Slices of mango mixed with chilies, lime, peanut sauce & coriander leaves. Wifey’s favourite but she felt otherwise coz too much of fish sauce kinda ruin it! Pity! Only a 5/10!

Curry Chicken Kapitan @ RM 14.90 ~ Tasted heavenly on my 1st bite (very hungry) but soon became very salty! Luckily I have a plate of steamed fragrant rice to go with otherwise I’ll end up having a numb toungue! Served with potatoes and all chicken breast meat thus making it pretty tough to chew! Not worth the price! A 3/10!

Totaled @ RM 34.00 inclusive of 2 glasses of iced jasmine Chinese tea (RM 1.60), steamed fragrant rice (RM 1.60) and a 10% service charge. I wouldn’t say it’s pricey but they definitely can’t claim they’re serving authentic Nyonya food here! They should rename this place to Restoran Local Imperial instead! We did notice a few couples walking in, flipped through the menu and walked out! That tells all! The saving grace was the deco and the friendly staffs! Will I return?? Well, only if I manage to convince wifey for a bowl of prawn mee or curry laksa in this nicely decorated restaurant! Till then.. Happy MERDEKA!!

  • Restoran Nyonya Imperial
  • No. 1, Jalan Puteri 2/6
  • Bandar Puteri
  • 47100 Puchong
  • Selangor.
  • Mobile – 017-681 3608
  • Business Hours – 0900-2100 (daily)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 01.406  E101′ 37.070
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