Hen Key Restaurant @ Balakong

As this will be the first time Jamie celebrates her birthday in KL and with a crowd of more than three, we’d wanted to make sure she had a memorable birthday dinner!  After much thought, Cat decided to go to this restaurant in Balakong. We set out early to avoid the crowd as it was a Sunday.

Hen Key is located at quite a secluded residential area by the name of Taman Putra Budiman. Any idea? Well, it’s somewhere near Bukit Gita Bayu. They used to operate in Chan Sow Lin but have moved since the construction of the Smart Tunnel… that’s according to Irene, the restaurant owner. No air-conditioner, hence light clothing advised! 

New Zealand Fish Head (炒龄鱼头) @ RM 50.00 ~ Deep fried fish meat with dried and birdseye chilies, onions and braised with lady fingers. The meat is tasty and the gravy is great to go with rice. This delicious signature dish is also known as “Ling” fishead (imported from NZ) and not that suitable for children who can’t stand the spiciness of it! Definitely a 10/10!

Deep Fried Fragrant Pork Belly (香炸五花肉) @ RM 20.00 ~ Well marinated succulent pork belly, deep-fried and cut to slices with chili sauce dipping. Not bad! An 8/10!

Stir-fry bean sprout with salted fish (炒咸鱼豆芽) @ RM 10.00 ~ How bad can this simple dish taste unless they use some damn rotten salted fish! Luckily they didn’t! Nice! An 8/10!

Stir-fry sweet potato leaves in fermented bean curd (腐乳炒薯苗) @ RM 10.00 ~ Normal and nothing fancy but tasted good. An 8/10!

Marmite Prawns (妈蜜虾) @ RM 50.00 ~ Prawn is a dish that requires a lot of skill to cook. It’ll fail when it’s overcooked or undercooked but this dish was deep-fried and done to perfection here. The amount of Marmite and honey used is very well measured. Tasty and good! A 10/10!

Salted egg chicken wing (招牌咸蛋鸡翼) @ RM 3.80/per pc. ~ Deep fried chicken wings stuffed with salted egg yolks. Very nice but slightly overpriced! A specialty here! A 10/10!

A birthday is never complete without a cake. This blueberry cheese cake from Secret Recipe is a gift from Jamie’s daughter Mun Mun to her mommy! How sweet! No candles and I presumed Jamie must have kept them to keep her age a mystery! 

Totaled @ RM 212.00 inclusive of 10 plain rice (RM 12.00), Chinese tea for 8 pax (RM 8.00) and 2 soft drinks (RM 4.60). Very affordable and the food is simply great! Will definitely come back and sample  the fried shark meat and other specialties! 

Restoran Hen Key
No. A-32, Jalan Budiman 2/2
Taman Putra Budiman
43200 Balakong
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Mobile – 016-6088580/012-2338837 (Irene) 
Businees Hours – 1100-2000 (Mon-Fri) /1100-2130/2200 (latest on Sat)  /1700-2200 (Sun)
GPS Coordinates
N03′ 00.695  E101′ 44.239

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