Sawadee 88 @ Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin

I came to know about this place through my blogger friend Peg. Since wifey and I are avid Thai food lover we were eager to check the place out. Sungai Kerayong? Where the… is it? Nvm, study the map and find our way there, simple as that!

Located parallel to Sungai Kerayong off Jalan Chan Sow Lin 5 is where this Thai restaurant is hidden. Upon entering the small road, we were greeted by a pile of unsightly rubbish which really put us off. As we drove further in on this narrow and bumpy road, we were greeted by a tribe of goats! I practically have to blast my horn to have them make way for me to drive through. These animals really took their own sweet time!! Darn! Should have just closed my eyes, accelerated and have sup kambing for the entire week!! The whole stretch of road are full of their droppings! Arrrgh.. 
After about 3 minutes through the bumpy roads, wifey thought we were on the wrong track but luckily there was a sign to prompt us indicating they are located further in! Mind you, there’s no way you can make a U-turn nor a three-point turn unless of course you are on a bike, otherwise you’ll end up in Sungai Kerayong itself shouting for help!!! What a location!! 
Finally, after about 6 minutes of a moon ride, we reached our destination with a big surprise on our face when we saw one A Wet Thai Village signage!! What?? Sawadee 88 = A Wet Thai?? If we have known earlier it would have save us the whole trouble going through this bumpy ride! Could have just  drove to Taman Cheras or Bandar Puteri Puchong where their two other outlets are located! Anyway, since we  were already here we parked our car and was considering where to sit as this place have two sections, one facing the Kolam 77 fishing pond which is the steamboat area and the other which resembles a garden like setup. We chose the pond side to avoid fighting with the mozzies! Only a table is occupied as we were early, 545pm! As we were starving we quickly ran through the menu and placed our order.

The steamboat section overlooking the fishing pond and the Taman Miharja flats. Apparently, it’s so near the flats, residents can just walk over for a bowl of tomyam! Bear in mind that this is a floating platform therefore any vigorous movements by a heavyweight can be easily felt! I wasn’t too comfortable with the movements after a while especially when the crowd started pouring in! I was like dining on a fishing boat!

Tomyam Seafood (White) @ RM 20.00/small ~ Even though it came on a pot with a burning element below, we didn’t feel it was hot enough. The burning charcoals must be minimal and didn’t last through the meal! Sizeable overcooked prawns, squids, fish meats and oyster mushrooms generously came with this pot of tomyam. The level of spiciness just wasn’t good enough for us. I would consider this just ok but bloody thirsty when we got home! My throat was screaming MSG! MSG! MSG! 

Pandan Chicken @ RM 2.50/pc (min-6 pcs) ~ Tasted fine but the portion is rather flat and small. Didn’t have the option of ordering less than six pieces like what Ah Roy Thai offered! Should have some flexibility over this coz the minute wifey and I together with E finished 4 pcs, we were like 40% full! 

Fried Egg Foo Yong @ RM 10.00 (small) ~ If it wasn’t for E, we wouldn’t have ordered this as most of the dishes are too spicy for him. Tasty but tad greasy!

Stir Fried HK Kai Lan with Salted Fish @ RM 12.00 (small) ~ Small cubes of salted fish is visible but the Kai Lan itself is very chewy! Mistake! Should have ordered the kangkung belacan instead! 

Chinese tea @ RM 0.60 per glass and a pot of plain white rice for 3 person @ RM 4.80. The mango juice @ RM 4.50 is definitely a NO! Wrong choice given the fact that it’s just a cordial! Should have opted for the Thai coconut for the same price if E did not request for this mango juice earlier!

Before we left, I ventured over to the garden section just to have a look. Nice! E was happily checking out the place too! I suggest one should bring some mozzie coils just in case if this is their preferred section for a nice evening meal!

Salted BBQ Tilapia @ RM 30.00 ~ Salt coated on the fish skin with herbs stuffed through the mouth before they are grilled! Didn’t have chance to try this but was told by the boys taking care of this station on how it’s prepared.

Totaled @ RM 71.20 for the entire meal. It’s not too bad overall but must come with a bigger crowd in order to sample other dishes. Will I re-visit? Hell NO unless I’m looking at having my car absorbers replaced but won’t mind going to their other outlets! Lastly, a word of caution to drivers with bad eyesight or to those who had a few rounds of beers here as the road that leads to Sawadee 88 is in pure darkness as there’s no street light available! 

Location Map

  • Sawadee 88/A Wet Thai Village
  • Tepi Sungai Kerayong
  • Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin 5
  • Kuala Lumpur.
  • Mobile – 016-396 9130 (Khoon) / 019-263 0828 (Rocky)
  • Business Hours – 1100 – 1600 (lunch) 1800-0000 (dinner)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 07.177  E101′ 43.054
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