Teochew Braised Duck (潮州卤鸭) @ Jalan Midah Besar, Taman Midah, Cheras

When roast duck is mentioned in the Klang Valley, many outlets will come into our mind but what about Teochew braised duck? (潮州滷鸭) Not many good ones as far as I know. Any recommendation? Well, I have at least one which I’m gonna blog about today. 

Located along the busy Jalan Midah Besar in Taman Midah Cheras where all the food stalls are, you may find the stall of Mr. Wong’s Teochew braised duck. This stall has been in operation for about 30 years according to Mrs. Wong. 30 years??? I’m sure a lot of you out there weren’t even born! One may opt to dine here but I chose to takeaway today as MIL has prepared food at home. We can’t go empty-handed now, can we?

Here is Mr. Wong holding my duck I ordered and Mrs. Wong politely entertaining some of my questions. As seen, the signage reads Teochew “Salty” Duck instead of braised 

Mr.Wong showing his skills with the chopping knife on the operation table. The Operasi took this master less than 3 minutes. 30 years of practice makes one this good with the cleaver! (好刀法) It’ll take me easily 30 mins to perform the same act! Kudos Mr. Wong!

Besides selling Teochew Salty Duck, they sell braised chicken as well but I must say that braised duck is their forte. One may also have the choice of ordering the duck gizzards (鸭胗), braised egg (卤鸡蛋) and bean curd (卤豆腐). All as yummy, BUT, Salty ok!

Teochew Braised Duck (潮州卤鸭) @ RM 42.00 (whole bird) ~ All the aroma is absorbed into the meat during the process of braising giving the duck a moist and flavorful bite.

Parts from the duck that should be salvaged and to be used later in cooking a good pot of porridge. Accompanying chili sauce, homemade soy sauce and generous amount of sliced cucumber and scallion to go with this favourable Teochew braised duck.

  • Teochew Braised Duck (潮州卤鸭)
  • Jalan Midah Besar (directly opposite Taman Midah Club)
  • Business Hours – 1630 – 2030 (daily)
  • Closed – Every Thursday Fortnight
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 06.138  E101′ 43.982
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