Little Vietnam @ Mid Valley

Sundays are the worst days to go to any shopping malls, especially Mid Valley. It’s always packed and to find a parking bay may take ages unless of course you park at the Valet or reach there before the crowd swarms in, and that’s something like 0930!!

We were early to avoid the crowd coz wifey needed to do a little shopping. Her version of “a little” was like many, many hours! Women! Anyway, since it may take more than a “little” while we decided to have our tummies filled first since T&E is already hungry. We headed for lunch before we continue to shop.

Where, we asked T&E?? Sushi Zanmai!! God!! Again?? Mistake! Should have made the call! We headed to SZ and the queue was terribly long! We gave the kids a choice, to wait and starve or opt for another eating place. Without much choice, the two of them threw in their white! Guess they must be REAL hungry! We settled for Little Vietnam since the both of them are quite “OK” with the food there.

The place was pretty packed when we arrived but there were still tables available to accommodate us. Without wasting much time we placed our order and waited patiently for our food to be served!

Pho Soup Noodle with Slice Beef @ RM 11.00 ~Silky smooth pho with tender slices of beef served with well-balanced deep favourable soup. The innards and the combination of herbs made the soup clean and tasty. To add some crunchiness a plate of garnishing that consists of bean sprouts, Thai basil leaves and a wedge of lemon accompanied the pho . Tasty and may pass this off as authentic. T’s favourite whenever she visits any Vietnamese outlets. A 9/10!

Signature Set – Stir Fried Lemon grass Beef Rice & Mango Mayonnaise Prawn @ RM 20.00 ~ We kinda preempted where there are gonna be leftover food from T&E, so wifey settled for this set which consisted of the beef rice which is the main course and two crispy & crunchy prawns with mango slices topped with mayonnaise as appetizer. This simple appetizer and a glass of soda-lime is just nice for wifey! I used to order this rice dish whenever I visit LV and E will always dip into my bowl and asked for more after a bite. In the end, I end up sharing with him and leaves my tummy hanging! Well, those were the days but now he’s capable of finishing the whole bowl by himself! Slices of beef stir fried with finely crushed lemon grass and onions and some chinese cabbage (choy sum) made up this dish. Delicious but sometimes they tend to overcook the beef, so do remind them when you place the order. An 8/10 for both the main course and the appetizer! 

Chargrilled Lemon grass New Zealand Rib Eye Rice @ RM 16.80 ~ My very first time trying out this dish not knowing if it’s good but surprisingly the beef was grilled to perfection. Juicy and tender with nice amount of fats accompanying the slices of beefs with some stir fried lemon grass and sesame seed as toppings. Some pickles, slices of cucumber, glass noodle as side dish and plain rice to go with the succulent beef. Honestly, just the grilled rib eye for me is suffice. An 8/10!

Overall this lovely lunch cost us only RM 52.60 inclusive of a 10% service charge. Reasonable isn’t? Now that our tanks are filled, it’s time to carry on with our shopping!

  • Little Vietnam
  • Lot. T-027, Level 3, Mid Valley
  • 89200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel. 603-2938 8899
  • Business Hours – 1130 – 2130 (daily)
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