Canton-i (香港粥面家) @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

We often pass this restaurant but have never tried it before. Since the kids weren’t keen on Tony Roma after going through its menu, we took the opportunity to give it a chance this time . Well, let’s Canton-i!

We waited for less than 5 mins and were promptly shown to a table tucked at a corner of the outlet. Canton-i is well designed except for the space planning as all tables are too close to each other. Nevertheless, the ID for this place really gave it a good thought, in terms of design.

Everything in Canton-i is perfectly designed from the menu and utensils right up to the wet wipes. The best attraction is located at the entrance where one will be tempted to go in by just looking at the BBQ items displayed. 

Roasted Duck with Plain Rice (烧鸭饭) @ RM 13.80 ~ Thin portion of duck breast makes this dish rather overpriced and the saltiness of the meat kills it! The serving is small according to the price charged. A 2/10 for value and 5/10 for its taste.  

Roast Duck Noodles @ RM 13.80 (烧鸭面) ~ The noodles are springy but again the roast duck is too salty. Tasted better ones at more affordable price in the same mall. A 5/10!

Soy bean custard (豆腐花) ~ @ RM 3.00 ~ Since we are not that hungry wifey ordered only this bowl of Tau Fu Far. Silky and smooth. An 8/10!

The bill came out to RM 36.35 inclusive of a glass of filtered water and a 10 + 5. Kinda expensive considering the choice of food we ordered as there are a few more eateries in the same mall that offers something similar at a lower price as mentioned earlier but we were extremely pleased with the service of the staffs. We left behind a notepad and the staffs really went all the way to search for it after we called and they apologized for not being able to retrieve it. Even the outlet’s garbage bin was not spared!! My, I truly appreciate that effort!! Guess that makes up to the “slightly” overpriced food and the salty duck! 

  • Canton-i (香港粥面家)
  • LG-202 & 203A, Lower Ground Floor
  • The Gardens, Mid Valley City
  • Lingkaran Syed Putra
  • 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 603-2284 6888
  • Restaurant Manager – Steve Lai Kar Poh
  • URL – 
  • email –
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