Imperial City Restaurant @ Taman Segar, Cheras

Imperial City is a place we often come by for yum cha and dim sum on Sundays as this place is close to where MIL is staying.  Since MIL is celebrating her ”Grand Birthday” (Dai Sau) we chose this restaurant to have lunch and celebrate with her
Generally the 50th, 60th and 70th and above birthdays are called “grand birthday” by the Chinese for which a feast will be held by the elder’s children or grandchildren and attended by many friends and relatives. Well, in our case, we minus the relatives and friends but have the children and grandchildren only! As it was a Sunday we make prior reservation to avoid any waiting. FYI, they only allow table reservations if you go for the Set Menu and not dim sum!

They gave us a pretty good seating location which is right at the end of the restaurant since all the private rooms were taken. Notice the b’day card E personally made for his poh poh (grandma)?? How can one not love this little “heart stealer”??

Imperial City Two Combinations ~ Deep fried crispy squids with egg yolks and fish cakes in tasty gravy with lots of wolfberries. Not bad! A 6/10!



Braised Shark Fin with Bamboo Pith & Dried Seafood ~ Darker than the usual shark fin I’ve tasted, it consisted of more bamboo pith than the fins itself. Ok only! A 4/10!

Peking Roasted Duck (Two Varieties) ~ This dish is prized for its thin & crispy skin wrapped in mandarin crepes and garnish with scallions and hoisin sauce. We found the sauce too sweet for our liking and the skins are not crispy enough. Only a 5/10!

Pan-Fried Prawns with Marmite Sauce ~ Slightly overcooked prawns with minimal taste of Marmite. A 3/10!


Steamed Patin in Superior Soy Sauce ~ This Patin (silver catfish) is very fresh and sweet together with the nice amount of  good fats makes it rather delicious. Steamed to perfection! Good! A 10/10!

Braised Fresh Mushroom with Garlic & Vegetable ~ Simple and tasty! An 8/10!

Braised Noodles with Duck Meat ~ Stir fried duck meat from the earlier Peking Duck with springy noodles and some nice gravy! Nice! An 8/10!

Chilled Tofu with Mixed Fruits ~ Not too sweet and the feel of the cold tofu’s is refreshing! An 8/10!


  1. Totaled at RM 381.90. Breakdown as follows:-
  2. 1) Set Meal @ RM 298.80++
  3. 2) To change from Grouper to Patin (Silver Catfish) @ RM 20.00
  4. 3) Titbits (stemead ground nuts) x 2 plates @ RM 6.00
  5. 4) 2 bowls of plain rice @ RM 3.00
  6. 5) Chinese Liu Bao tea for 5 person @ RM 10.00
  7. 6) Plain water for 4 person @ RM 4.00
  8. 7) Wet towel for 9 person @ RM 5.40


Honestly, for this kinda price, I may get nicer food at less known restaurants around. The only plus point is the ambiance which is good for certain occasions. Will I come back? Well, only for my yum cha session and dim sum sessions!

  • Imperial City Restaurant
  • Ground floor, Cheras Plaza
  • Jalan Manis 1, Taman Segar
  • 56100 Cheras
  • Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel – 603-9132 0118
  • Business Hours – 1130 – 1430/1800 – 2230 (Mon-Sat) 0930 – 1430/1800-2230 (Sun & PH)
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