Pan Mee (板面) @ Seri Kembangan SK2

Seri Kembangan is one place that’s always been mentioned whenever it comes to homecook food. Most of the people here operates from home, therefore the price is pretty reasonable. Apart from being affordable, one may find a variety of food and most of which are tasty. One of the reasons which always brings me to Seri Kembangan would be the Pan Mee/Mee Hoon Kueh (板面). The texture of the Pan Mee here has nothing to shout about but I’ve always liked the chilli and the big anchovies that comes with this flattened flour dough in soup. So, here’s my review on one of my regular Pan Mee stall in Seri Kembangan.

Located at Seksyen 4 of Seri Kembangan you may find a few Pan Mee stalls but this is the one I frequent.  This stall is founded by Madam Lee Thai but has since passed on to her granddaughter (Choi Har). Nowadays madam would just take orders or sit around chit-chating with her regular customers. She used to be a “fierce” woman who will not hesitate to tell you not to meddle with her chillies but she mellowed down over the years.

The ingredients that makes the bowl of Pan Mee. Take note of  the little red sign “warning” one not to touch the chillies but those days has passed. Nowadays, one may refill on their own by simply asking.

The main reason I like the SK Pan Mee. Chilies & Anchovies. The crispy anchovies are not soaked into the soup like others do in the city but all the stalls in SK serve their chilli and anchovies separately in a sauce plate.

Pan Mee (板面) @ RM 3.30 (peeled type/small) ~ Came with sliced Chinese black wood fungus/earwood (木耳), salted pickled kalrabi (大頭菜) with minced meat and shue jai choy (potato leaves).

The before & after look of the bowl of pan mee after spoonfuls of chillies were drowned into it! Spicy!

Pan Mee (板面) @ RM 3.30 (thin flat type/small) ~ Ingredients are the same as the torn type but I opted for this thin flat type instead. Prepared using a noodle maker with a nice texture, it’s neither too hard nor soft. Most importantly, it’s not soggy and the right amount of tapioca flour gives it a nice ‘body’ to the noddle. Good but can be better!

Overall, the Pan Mee here is not exactly THE best but definitely delicious  and worth giving a try, especially if you like the different kind of chilli being served. I would say I prefer this chilli instead of the chilli flakes that you get from the famous Kin Kin Pan Mee.  I reckon that there may be better ones around this area but I’ve grown accustomed to this stall as I’ve been visiting for many, many years. Sentimental as it may sound but being lazy and unadventurous is the actual fact that holds me back from trying out others! 

  • Pan Mee (板面) @ SK2
  • No. 800 SK2
  • Seri Kembangan
  • 43300 Selangor Darul Ehsan.
  • Business Hours – 0700-1530 / 1700-2330 (daily)
  • Mobile – 016-259 3869
  • Closed on Wednesdays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 01.812  E101′ 42.115
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