Ahroy Thai Cuisine @ Taman Segar Cheras

We have been hearing a lot about this Thai restaurant of late and decided to give it a try after our movie outing in Cheras. Locating this restaurant was no hassle as it’s just next to Hong Leong Bank but parking near to it maybe a problem as the bays are always full. We got here around 1930 and there’re only 2 tables occupied. We were promptly seated by the waitress and were given their menu with really vast variety of food, drinks & desserts. Service was fast too as we only have to wait for less than 10 minutes for our dishes to arrive. Bravo!

Minimal deco but comfortable. I reckon the kitchen is located on the 1st floor with the usage of a dumbwaiter to deliver the dishes. A good way to maximise the floor space to accommodate more seating.

Red Tomyam Seafood @ RM 20.00 (small) ~ We opted for the red instead of the white tomyam simply because this is hotter, as claimed! Crabs, prawns, squids and oyster mushrooms can be found submerged in this hot-pot.  The prawns were slightly overcooked though and we got pretty thirsty after finishing to the very last drop of this delicious Thai signature dish. For the thirst and the overcooked prawn we give it only a 5/10!

Pandan Leaf Chicken @ RM 2.80 per piece ~ This dish comes with a minimum 5 pieces serving but we requested for 3 pieces instead as we wanted to leave some room for other dishes. Tender and juicy chicken meat cooked to perfection but rather oily. See the reflection on the banana leaf? Oils!! Nevertheless, will give it a 9/10 coz it’s really good!

Stir-Fried Egg Plant with Basil Leaves @ RM 10.00 (small) ~ We ordered this instead of the kangkong belacan (morning glory in shrimp paste) for a change. Not bad but tasted better ones! A 6/10!

Dry Beef Curry @ RM 20.00 (large) ~ Looks tasty ya? It is very tasty but the texture was too tough for my liking! Like eating the bark of a tree!! Such a waste! After I made some remarks the lady boss Winnie Tan kindly suggested to change another dish for us but we declined as we were too full. Too bad! Will order the chicken instead on our next visit. Only a 3/10! 

Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk (Red Rubies) a.k.a. Tub Tim Krob @ RM 5.00 ~ Wifey’s favourite Tub Tim Krob is prepared with shaved ice, red rubies (water chestnuts with tapioca coating dyed in red)and slices of jackfruit buried deep inside this bowl of thirst quencher! A well-known Thai dessert. An 8/10!

Total came up to RM 67.80 inclusive of 2 hot non-refillable Chinese tea and two bowls of fragrant rice. Not too expensive considering the good food they served except only for that TOUGH dry curry beef! Should give us a 50% discount or a complimentary dessert for that spoiler! Anyway, recommended and will come back again!

  • Ahroy Thai Cuisine
  • Address: 48, Jalan Manis 1
  • Taman Segar, Cheras
  • 56100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Tel. 603-9133 2330
  • Mobile. 016-222 8330
  • Business Hours – 1200-1530 / 1800-2300 (Mon-Fri), 1200-2300 (Sat,Sun & Public Holidays)
  • Website – www.ahroythai.com.my  
  • e-mail – ahroy_rest@yahoo.com
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 05.427  E101′ 44.610
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