Restaurant 9888 (发记海鲜楼)@ Off Jalan Cheras

Wifey’s colleague recommended this place called Restaurant 9888 in Cheras and she suggested we try it out since we were going back to mom’s. 9888??? I thought it has something to do with the radio station when i first heard of the name. When i realize it’s not, i gathered the name must be a lucky number to the restaurant owner! We were briefed of the location, otherwise we’d never have ventured into this secluded end! It’s not that difficult to find though. When you see DAP’s (ROCKET) signage after passing by Pudu Ulu, turn left and go in straight and it’s at the row of hidden shophouses.
We arrived before 6pm and were lucky to find ourselves a parking space. Be early and make reservation to avoid waiting, both parking and a table!

Popular dishes lined the walls.

Homemade Bean curd with minced meat (自製肉碎豆腐) @ RM 12.00 ~ Crispy on the skin and smooth on the inside. Very tasty and highly recommended!

Stir-fry Romaine lettuce (清炒油麦) @ RM 8.00 ~ Simple dish that can’t go wrong. 

Marmite Pork Ribs (妈蜜排骨) @ RM 12.00 ~ Tasted more like honey pork ribs to us. It was tasty nonetheless. 

Soy Steamed Silver Cat Fish (醬油蒸白蘇公) @ RM 35.00 ~ Very fresh catfish and steamed to perfection! 

Totaled @ RM 80.85 inclusive of 5 bowls of plain rice, a pot of Jasmine Chinese tea for 3 and a 5% service charge. I would say that the price is reasonable and most of all the cooking is good. Will come back for other more popular dishes during the next visit. 

  • Restaurant 9888 (发记海鲜楼)
  • No. 111-117G, Jalan Cerapu Satu
  • Off Jalan Cheras, Batu 3 1/4
  • 56100 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Tel. 603-9283 7889
  • Mobile. 012-360 5967
  • Business Hours – 1030-1500 / 1700-2230
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 11.945  E101′ 72.932
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4 Responses to Restaurant 9888 (发记海鲜楼)@ Off Jalan Cheras

  1. Sue Wek says:

    Had a bad experience ever in this restaurant, the services are sux. I have never see whole gang of staff can scold the customer with the bad Hong Kong style attitude.4-5 of them was bullying a woman who complaint about their food. They didn’t admit their mistake, some more show the IC ask the woman to go complaint him.

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    to see what exactly else you might have in store! ;
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