Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe @ Jalan Klang Lama

After hearing much praises and positive comments from fellow bloggers, we decided to give this restaurant a try to find out for ourselves. We got here around 6.20pm and the dinner crowd has already filled the place but we were lucky to find ourselves a table right at the corner, next to the kitchen.

While waiting after the drinks were served, I whipped out my camera to take some pictures of the place and realized that Nambawan comes with zero deco and not much ambiance. It’s rather stuffy during my visit considering that they have 2 units of easily 3.0HP cassette air-conditioner and many ceiling fans! Do dress light!

After going thru the menu and decided on the order, we signalled the waitress. The very 1st thing she told us was “very long, wait 1 hour, can”?? I gave wifey a nod and thought, ahh what the heck since we were already here and it’s raining very heavy at that time, let’s just wait!  Grave mistake!!

Water Melon & Sour Plum Lime @ RM 3.90+ each ~ My watermelon juice was ok but mom’s sour plum lime was too sweet for her. She asked for plain water to be added to neutralize the sweetness! 

An hour passed and our order were nowhere to be seen.  I told wifey to clock the time. Kids were getting restless and hungry. Wifey had no choice but to get across the street to Pasaraya 99 in the heavy rain to get them some biscuits just to keep them alive!! They usually eat at around 6.30pm!! My poor babies! 

Soon, mom’s famous Pork burger arrived after a long wait of 75 minutes!! The longest wait for a burger in my entire life, and hers too i’m sure!! It had better be good!! Without further delay, mom started her feast and 5 minutes later my Beef burger came, followed by E’s Fish & Chips (another 10 minutes). T’s Spaghetti was served after a total wait of 90 minutes. Wifey had to endure yet another 5 mins for the famous Roasted Pork Belly to arrive! . Total wait was 132 minutes!! Incredible!! The experience was not unlike sitting thru a wedding dinner!

100% Home Made Pork Burger @ RM 6.90+ ~ Combination of mixed herbs and ingredients make the patty super delicious! Different from others! Truly 100% homemade and lives up to its name! A 10/10!

100% Homemade Beef Burger @ RM 6.90+ ~ Yet another homemade patty with rich herbs and special ingredients makes it so yummy-licious! Not for people who can’t stand strong beef smell though. An 8/10!

Fish & Chips with Tartar Sauce @ RM 8.90+ ~ Freshly deep-fried Dory fillet. Tasty but overly salty! E’s tongue was numb after eating only half of it. No wonder he kept downing water after every few mouthful. Phew! A 5/10! 

Spaghetti Bolognese @ RM 8.90+ ~ Prepared with Pancetta, mixed herbs and vege but Angel hair (capellini d’angelo) pasta was used instead of the usual spaghettoni. Dry, not to “Al dente” at all! Lack of sauce makes it worse! Fail! A 1/10!

Roast Pork Belly @ RM 13.90+ ~ Served with balsamic potatoes and salad. The pork belly is cooked to perfection with the combination of it’s homemade sauce and sorbet. Wifey gave it a thumps up!! A 10/10!

Roast Pork Belly with Japanese Carp Sauce??? Huh carp sauce?? Well, it’s the same dish dudes but doesn’t the sauce resembles a carp! chill! The tenderness of the meat is so heavenly when placed into the mouth! Must try!!

Totaled at RM 55.97 for this wonderful meal. Reasonable I must say! Overall, the food is delicious! While I was at the cashier settling my bill, I spoke to Ms. Yap and told her how disappointing the spaghetti was and the “ridiculously” long wait. She simply nodded without and that’s it! Guess she must be too busy to even answer me!  Nevertheless, I must compliment the food here and will come again, but hopefully they could speed up the service and cut short the waiting time as waiting for more than an hour for a meal is simply unacceptable! 

  • Nambawan Restaurant & Cafe
  • No. 10, Sri Manja Square One
  • Taman Sri Manja
  • Jalan Klang Lama
  • 46000 Petaling Jaya.
  • Mobile. 016-224 1533 (Ms. Yap) / 013-263 2772 (Gilbert)
  • Business Hours – 1200-1500 / 1700-2200
  • Closed – Mondays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N03′ 04.404  E101′ 38.902
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