Hoi Sum Chu Char (开心煮炒) @ Taman OUG, Jalan Klang Lama

Since we have not come by this area for dinner, we decided to check out if there’s any nice chu char around. We noticed a banner promoting steamed fish at a reasonable rate during one of our mornings when we have breakfast at this coffee shop.

The coffee shop was empty when we arrived at about 6.30pm. We were not sure if there’s any chu char available but we saw red clothes on certain tables which prompted wifey to check with the operator. They do have chu char! We were promptly greeted by a man who recommended some of the dishes from their menu.

Hoi Sum Kopitiam (开心咖啡店) ~ Located nearby the OUG morning market. A corner lot and one of the cleanest coffee shops around.

The interior of Hoi Sum Kopitiam ~ As you can see, the floors, tables and chairs are being kept at the cleanest level possible.

Steamed Tilapia in soy sauce (酱油蒸金凤鱼) @ RM 22.00 ~ This was fresh and there weren’t any muddy smell. Portion was a little small though. 

Clay pot bean curd with minced meat (煲仔肉碎豆腐) @ RM 8.00Another simple and basic dish tastily prepared but on the salty side! 

Stir-fry lettuce with garlic @ RM 8.00 ~ We ordered the lettuce (生菜) but was served with something else. Tasted more like (启菜) to us! 

Braised Pork Belly with Yam (芋头扣肉) @ RM 15.00 ~ Very fresh yam and very tender pork belly but again on the salty side.

Total came out to RM 58.00 excluding a pot of Liu Bao Chinese tea (六宝茶) @ RM 1.00 per head, 0.50 cents for a bucket of ice and RM 2.20 for a bottle of VitaSoy soybean bottle drink. 

Nothing extraordinary but suffice if you’re looking for a simple Chu Char around the neighbourhood. Do remind the chef on the usage of salt if one ever visit this outlet!

  • Hoi Sum Chu Char (开心煮炒)
  • Hoi Sum Kopitiam (开心咖啡店)
  • No. 13 , Jalan Hujan Rahmat
  • Taman Overseas Union (OUG)
  • Batu 5, off Jalan Kelang Lama
  • 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Business Hours – 1600 – 2330 (daily)
  • GPS Coordinates 
  • N03′ 04.474 E101′ 40’367
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