Pork Noodle @ Ho Ping Coffee Shop (和平猪肉粉/猪杂粥), Kampung Malabar, Penang

Since we are extending our stay I wanted to bring wifey to try this pork noodle as Nick has been promoting every time he comes back to Kuala Lumpur. He made it sound as if there’s no other pork noodle that can come close. He must be a shareholder of some sort! As wifey is a fan, she should be the right person to taste and judge on this ever famous pork noodle!

We reached here around 6pm and the crowd has already started to swell. The queue can be pretty long at most days even the price is pretty high here judging by Penang hawker standard. It has to be good then! Well, let’s see..

This picture was taken before the stall was open for business which was at 12:52 but Mr. Lai the boss was already present to prepare all the necessary stuffs for the day. When asked what time he opens for business, he replied in a cool but polite manner… come back at 5! 

(18:34) Stall owner Mr. Lai mending his fiery hot station sweating all over and listening to the orders taken by all his assistants. Business must be good in order to maintain so many workers! Judging by the queue, business is surely brisk!

In order to cope with the demanding orders and to cut short the waiting time on the customers, another station is set up and manned by Mr. Lai’s younger brother. They sure look pretty much alike!

Pork Noodle (猪肉粉) @ RM 6.00 (large) ~ This bowl of pork noodle came with the thin type vermicelli (米粉/option of ordering the thick type) with lots of chopped scallions, minced meat and some innards such as kidney and the pig liver. 东菜 (dried preserved vegetable) are also added to bring out the extra flavour. Wifey couldn’t finish it coz the serving is quite big. Verdict? I guess she preferred the one at Jalan Tan Sri Lam Wah Ee (opposite the hospital/besides the probably narrowest flyover for cars in Malaysia)

Besides selling pork noodle, this stall is also famous for it’s pig innards porridge (猪杂粥). Will I return? I might  but this time I wanna sample the porridge instead. Love the fried and crispy intestines! 

  • Pork Noodle @ Ho Ping Coffee Shop (和平猪肉粉/猪杂粥)
  • Kampung Malabar
  • Off, Penang Road
  • 10100 Penang.
  • Business Hours – 1700 – 0100
  • Closed – Thursdays
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N05′ 25.161  E100′ 19.958
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