Nasi Kandar Line Clear @ Off Jalan Penang

We were supposed to be heading back to Kuala Lumpur today but were still in Penang at at hour.. 5pm. As I dislike driving at night, I persuaded wifey to extend our stay for just one more day. After much persuasion with my “charming skills”, I succeeded! The actual fact is that I’ve always heard of this particular nasi kandar which is underrated but serves the best indian fare in Penang. I MUST try it.

Located at an alley between two buildings off Jalan Penang, one might have difficulty spotting this place but I have no problem with the help of my ever faithful GPS!

LINE was really Clear when we reached. Still early i guess. I took some photos and proceeded with my order. 

At Nasi Kandar Line Clear, you are well served as all you need to do is point your fingers at the dish you wanted and you’ll have some handsome gentlemen scooping them nicely onto the plates for you! I opted for the plain rice instead of the nasi briyani as I wanted to leave room for other food after this session! 

The food display counter might not look as neat as some customers wish it’ll be but one may soon forgotten about the mess the minute they see and smell the nice aroma of the food! You’ll be spoilt with vast selection of choices which consists of chicken, mutton, vegetables & seafood, all in different flavours! Yummy!

Plain white rice with special mixed curry @ RM 0.80 ~ The curry was damn good but the rice is rather cold. I personally like it served hot!

Mutton Curry @ RM 7.00 ~ Tasty and the mutton is tender. Again not hot! 

Fried Chicken Drumstick @ RM 4.00 ~ Very tasty and well marinated. Again this was served cold! 

Fried Fish @ RM 2.50 ~ Just like the chicken, it was well marinated, tasty but cold! 

Curry Lady Fingers @ RM 1.20 ~ Very tasty and cold! 

As I proceeded to pay I took the opportunity to voice my displeasure over all the cold dishes I had and was offered some replacement by the friendly boss Mr. Abdul Kader (left). I declined as I was already full and thanked him for his generosity and he assured me of a nice meal on my  next visit. He even told me to notify them if I wanted something hot so they can have it prepared. Guess it’s a norm here where food are not served hot. On your right is Mr. Alam the chef. Yo! you look more like a rocker than a chef to me dude! Anyway, he’s a friendly chap too!

The line is clear and the place is only half crowded. A very rare scene to witness coz normally it’ll be jam-packed with their faithful nasi kandar lovers!

The “grand” entrance to Nasi Kandar Line Clear that can be easily missed if you are driving but worry not as I have the coordinates ready! You’ll be lucky if you can find a spot to stop your car as this road is rather busy. Parking is available right across Line Clear!

Totaled at RM 19.90 inclusive of 2 syrups. I don’t think it’s expensive as some claimed but was disappointed of not having the hot meals which I was looking forward to. Anyway, I shall return and make sure I get to enjoy what I’ve missed this round! Have my hot stuffs ready Kader!

  • Nasi Kandar Line Clear
  • Behind 177 Penang Road
  • Penang
  • Tel – 04-261 4440
  • Mobile (for catering) –
  • 016-4300 467 (Mr. Mydin/Ali)
  • 012-4386 210 (Mr. Abdul Kader)
  • Business Hours – 24 Hours
  • Closed – Alternate Tuesdays / Fridays – 1300-1400 (Friday prayers)
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N05′ 25.185  E100′ 19.942
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  1. Sumptuous® says:

    youngsengklai says:
    February 1, 2011 at 03:27
    Mr Alam is the right Boss

    Sumptuous® says:
    February 1, 2011 at 10:59
    Really… ?? Blind me! Bunch of loaded dudes, that I’m sure!

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