DeHappy Seafood Restaurant @ Jalan Macalister, Penang

Dining at a seafood restaurant in Penang island is very rare for us coz we would normally go for the hawker fare since that is what the island is famous for. Nick being the perfect host wanted us to have a nice dinner with good ambiance decided to bring us to this place. So nice of him!

As I walked in, I thought it looked familiar. After some probing, I discovered this used to be the famous Oriental Seafood Restaurant where I used to drop in for some dim sum at night some years back! The previous restaurant was owned by the Ooi brothers before going separate ways and voila, DeHappy Seafood Restaurant is born.

Once we were seated the manager came and start recommending all the expensive dishes i.e Alaska Spider Crab, Geoduck, Lobster, Polka Dot Grouper until I interrupted him and told him in the face that we were no tourist!! Now you know why I don’t come to the island for seafood, eh! Wifey knew it was a wrong decision the minute she found out that this restaurant is HALAL!! which translates cut throat prices for tourists!!

Anyway, we ignored his recommendations and pick the dishes ourselves and here’s what we’ve ordered..

Stir-fry Romaine lettuce (清炒油麦) @ RM 12.00 ~ Fresh, crunchy & nice! 

Sweet & Sour Chicken (酸甜鸡)@ RM 12.00 ~ Crispy and generous amount of chicken meat . Tasty and recommended! 

Claypot Seafood Bean curd (煲仔海鲜豆腐) @ RM 15.00 ~ Smooth bean curds with fresh prawns, squids, crabstick and scallion. Not bad! 

Steamed Grouper In Superior Soy Sauce (酱油蒸石斑鱼) @ RM 60.00/8.00 per 100g ~ Super fresh but slightly overdone. Wasted! We were given this small size grouper which is just nice for us! 

Steamed Meat Crab in Chinese wine (清蒸肉螃蟹) @ RM 55.00 (2pcs/RM 5.00per 100 gram) ~ Fresh meat crab and steamed to perfection with a hint of Chinese Xiao Shing wine. Must say that this is the star of the night! Totally blown us away! Finished every bit of it, including the gravy! Slurrp!

Fresh seafood of all sorts for your selection!

Chefs at work in the neat and tidy open kitchen.

Nice, clean and airy al fresco dining. One may opt for air-conditioned dining located at the back section of the restaurant.

Totaled at RM 176.40 inclusive of a plate of steamed groundnut (RM4.00), 6 plates of plain white rice (RM 6.00), a pot of Chinese tea (RM 4.00) and service charge (RM 8.40). Not  terribly expensive but still on the high side if compared to seafood restaurants in Bukit Tambun or Batu Maung. One would be SAFE if they ignore the recommendations by the Managers. Nevertheless, we have ourselves an enjoyable meal in a nice environment seafood restaurant.

  • DeHappy Seafood Restaurant
  • (opposite Heng Ee Primary School/Sunway New Lane Hawkers)
  • 62, Macalister Road
  • 10400 Penang
  • Tel – 04-2277 809
  • Mobile – 012-485 2388 (Leslie Ooi)
  • Business Hours – 1700-0000 (daily)
  • Close – NEVER
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N05′ 24.532  E100′ 19.381
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