Yut Sun Restoran Hainanese Food @ Jalan Pasar, Taiping

After checking in at Flemington Hotel at around 2.30pm, it’s high time we refill our tummies. Wifey wanted to try some Hainanese food. So, what is Hainanese good at besides their famous chicken rice?? Well, chicken chop Hainanese style of course! I’ve heard of a restaurant in town which is pretty popular in preparing such dish so we set out to look for it. The location of this restaurant is rather tricky if you are unfamiliar with Taiping, like me! We even called the place but the owner is bad in giving directions. We have to ask around and finally after a few wrong turns, we reached our destination. 

Yut Sun Restaurant ~ Operating under 2 units of shop lot. Spacious and airy.

Bread & Egg Counter ~ Hainanese are good at their toasts too. 

Fish & Chips @ RM 9.00 ~ Ordered this for E. He didn’t quite like it, because of  the saltiness. I found it salty too after giving it a try. Nevertheless, it’s tasty!

Rice Vermicelli in Soup (Mee Hoon soup) @ RM 3.20 ~ For some reason, wifey ordered this for T instead of the chicken chop. Nothing interesting and the soup is rather bland. Can give this a miss. 

Chicken Chop @ RM 8.00 ~ The famous Hainanese Chicken Chop. Very tasty but again on the salty side.

Chicken Ginger Rice @ RM 5.00 ~ Tasty as it looks but the usage of sesame seed oil is immense. Tender chicken meat absorbs all the flavorful taste of the gravy. Worth trying. 

Total at RM 45.70 inclusive of a glass of Milo,  soya bean & a Teh-si. Affordable and good food but must remind the chef to control the level of salt when ordering. Will definitely come back if I visit Taiping again.

  • Yut Sun Restoran
  • No. 78 & 80, Jalan Pasar
  • 34000 Taiping
  • Perak 
  • Malaysia.
  • Tel – 605-808 3250 (Mr. Chin)
  • Business Hours – 0800 – 1900 daily. Closed on Sundays
  • GPS Coordinates – N4′ 51.174  E100′ 44.478
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