Win Kee Seafood Restaurant & Steamboat @ Alam Damai, Cheras

BIL finally came over to tune wifey’s piano after a long, long, long request. As he refuses to bill us for his services, we decided to buy him a nice dinner as a form of appreciation. We chosed Win Kee Seafood Restaurant & Steamboat (formerly known as Restaurant Jeffrey’s at Queen’s Park, Jalan Peel), a restaurant we’re familiar with. It has since moved to Alam Damai, Cheras, our 1st visit to this new venue!

Win Kee Seafood Restaurant & Steamboat.  ~Located on the left side of the main road where one won’t miss! (coming from Taman Connaught) Right opposite Seri Bulan housing area.

The interior of WK is filled with nice Chinese rosewood furniture, fully air-conditioned  and pictures of dishes adorning the outlet.

Jasmine Chinese Tea for @ 1.00/pax

Braised Shark’s Fin with Crabmeat @ RM10 ~ This rarely go wrong at this restaurant. T&E were loyal supporters of this dish.

Fried kembong fish (Mackarel) in Thai style @ RM 14 ~ Can’t remember the specific name for this dish. Goes well with the sambal belacan, but the kembong was rather fishy this round. I didn’t have enough of the tasty sambal belacan though.

Yam Ring Szechaun Style @ RM 30.00  ~ This dish came filled with diced chicken, cashew nuts, onions, dried chilies and deep fried vermicelli as the base.  One can opt for different fillings such as prawns & squids besides diced chicken. The yam ring has this crisp and the yam fillings is moist. Tasty!

 Crabmeat Beancurd (Tofu) @ RM 16. ~ Tasty as it can be!! Children’s favourite! The gravy is so tasty you can drink it like soup! Awesome! 

Marmite Pork Ribs @ RM 25.  ~ Crispy but can’t taste much of the Marmite.

Salted Baked Haruan (Channa Striatus) a.k.a. Sang Yue in special prepared flour wrap @ RM 72.00 ~The specialty of the night!! Tasted some mud smell in the fish, but luckily the dipping sauce masked it. Normally order this fish in sliced  form, steamed style. Thought of trying something different after some recommendation from the lady boss!! Guesss should stick back to the  norm the next time. 

Sambal Squid with Petai (ParkiaSpeciosa) @ RM 25.00  ~ Tasty and crunchy, only if you can take petai coz this twisted cluster beans can be very very pungent and smells like methane gas! 

Stir fry lettuce with fermented beancurd @ RM 16.00  ~ Again, this dish can’t go any wrong.

Crab in Salted Egg Yolks @ RM 49.00 per/kg. (around 2 mid size crabs) ~ Would say that the crabs here are rather pricey compared to certain restaurants elsewhere. Will give crabs a miss for sure on the next visit . Taste wise was ok.

Sweet & Sour Crab @ RM 49.00 per/kg. ~ Mom likes this therefore it’s a must if we dine with her! Wonder where are the buns are that normally come with this dish. Tastes great! 

Overall, the price for certain dishes here are on the high side. Diners may skip certain expensive dishes and  still get to enjoy a fairly good dinner here at Win Kee!

** Please excuse the poor photos taken using my mobile **

  • Win Kee Seafood Restaurant & Steamboat
  • No. 12A, Damai 23
  • Jalan Alam Damai 1
  • Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.
  • Contact : Aki (019-2127983)
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