Hoe Kee Hainan Chicken Rice Ball (和记鸡饭)@ Jonker Street, Malacca

Malacca is quite a nice historical place with many great food to boast. One of them being the popular “chicken rice ball”. There are a few particular restaurants that command a good crowd, notably Chung Wah.(中华茶室)

As the crowd was swelling even before lunch hour, customers have to queue under the intense “HOT” sun. Well, we didn’t even bother to consider waiting after seeing the queue. Instead, we opted for Hoe Kee, (和记) another famous outlet just a stone’s throw away offering similar dishes.

The scene at Chung Wah (中华茶室) with loyal supporters brazing under the hot sun and intense heat just for a bite of the chicken and the rice balls ! Sorry, definitely not for me! Not for wifey and the kids too! Happy queueing, dudes! 

Hoe Kee (和记) has more “heart” for their customers. At least we queued under the shelter of their roof! Right choice! 

Open kitchen where all the dishes are prepared. Looks clean but the boys and helpers should at least don a hat for hygiene purpose, especially this guy with  the “Dragon Wong” (王小龍) hairstyle! 

Hoe Kee (和记) signage à la “Po Chi Lum”(寶芝林) style! I like it! 

The nostalgic and tastefully done interior with more (寶芝林) style signage and some pictures of yesteryear in 3 different sections (1 used as kitchen) and an open courtyard to accommodate more ball lovers! I meant chicken rice ball lovers!  

I was appalled the minute these utensils were placed in front of me. Styrofoam plates and cups!! Don’t they understand what global warming is all about?? The state legislation should outlaw the usage of styrofoam utensils especially at eateries when there are viable and eco-friendly alternatives, and for day to day use, both styrofoam and plastic utensils are wasteful! I alway feel that these are intended for occasions like house parties but even then most caterers provide plastic plates. The owner of HK should seriously take note of this! 

Homemade chilli with strong hint of ginger and garlic at your disposal. Tasted good!

Steamed Hainanese Chicken (海南白切雞) @ RM 8.00 ~ Meat was soft, bland and honestly, “nothing” special! Presentation was amateurish! 

Chicken Liver (鸡肝) @ RM 1.00 ~ Gosh, this is soooo affordable! You may never get this kinda price in KL! Melts in your mouth! Good! 

Chicken Rice Ball @ RM 3.00 (12 balls) ~ The star of the show! The “overrated” chicken rice balls! I still prefer the traditional chicken rice where the texture is grainy and slightly moist instead of these mushy balls! Even the kids didn’t enjoy it and I ended up finishing the remaining. Is this what the queue is all about??!! Guess they are only good for tourists! So much for balls! 

Assam Fish Head (亚参鱼头) @ RM 25.00 ~ This was scrumptious and the saving grace for the stuffs we ordered. The flavorful assam gravy was piquant and  was lip smacking! The sweetness of the fish head and the okra just made me so “excited” after all the failed dish! I finished the last drop of the tasty gravy! Yummy! 

The overall meal came to RM 40.00 inclusive of 2 Chinese tea. Not very expensive but definitely not worth the queue as there are much better Hainanese chicken rice available throughout KL but I definitely won’t mind queuing for the Assam Fish Head though! 

Well, I guess one man’s meat is another man’s poison. I only speak for my family and myself as I’m not fond of soft rice in general. Nevertheless, one should try out every local delicacy when travelling because only through that you’ll be able to tell where and which serves the best!

  • Hoe Kee Hainan Chicken Rice Ball  (和记鸡饭)
  • 4,6,8, Jalan Hang Jebat
  • 75200 Melaka.
  • Tel – 606-283 4751
  • Mobile – 6012-623 8431
  • Business hours – 0800-1700 (daily)
  • Closed – Every 4th Wed of the month
  • GPS Coordinates
  • N02′ 11.722 E102′ 14.890
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