Dragon-I Restaurant (龙的传人/拉面小龙包)@ The Curve

After some wondering about at The Curve and checking out some eateries, we decided to have lunch at Dragon-I as it was quite awhile since we last patron this joint. Only a few tables were taken as we walked in. It’s still early i guess as it’s only 11+. Normally this place is quite packed during lunch hours.

Miniature Terracotta warriors fills a partition to separate the dining area together with modern furnitures, lighting and zen walls forms the interior of this restaurant. There’s also a private corner with some nice tables made of drums.

This plate of roasted peanut comes free when you dine at Dragon-I.

Mr. Goh the Captain with his upside down menu willingly poses in front of the camera after taking our order. The chili paste for T’s noodle and my glass of unlimited refill chinese tea @ RM 2.00

Shanghai Steamed Meat Dumpling (小龙包) @ RM 9.00/4 pcs ~ Skin is a little thick but the fillings of Chinese ham, lean meat ,ginger and the broth tasted pretty well! A must order when you patron a Shanghai restaurant.  

Once you puncture a hole on the mini Shanghai dumpling, (小龙包) this spoonful of tasty soup is what you get! Slurps! 

Mushroom Pork Patty Rice with Egg Foo Yung in Mini Bamboo Bucket (竹桶东菇肉饼饭)@ RM 15.00 ~ Not our main preference but since E requested for egg, we settled for this. The pork patty was pretty tasty but nothing spectacular.

La Mien with Beef Brisket (牛腩拉面) @ RM 15.00 ~ The beef brisket were tough and T was having a hard time tearing them apart. She ended up by just having the springy hand pulled la mien which is immersed in the rich & flavorful soup. Tasty but will order pork chop instead of beef the next time. 

Sautéed Diced Chicken with Dried Chillies (辣子鸡丁) @ RM 20.00 ~ My favorite dish whenever I visit Dragon-I. Don’t just eat the  chicken cubes,  suck the dried chilies as well! Super tasty! I normally pair this with white rice and share this dish with wifey coz I can never finish it by myself!

Total at RM 74.75 inclusive of the standard 10% service charges & 5% government tax. Slightly on the high side. Will come again “ONLY” if I crave for my favorite sautéed diced chicken!!

  • Dragon-I Restaurant
  • Lot 136 & 137, 1st floor
  • The Curve
  • No.6, Jalan PJU 7/3
  • Mutiara Damansara
  • 47800, Petaling Jaya
  • Selangor.
  • Tel – 603-7728 6888
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